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Garage door repairs are essential for anyone who owns a property of any type, residential or commercial. Over time, garage doors do wear out with seasonal weather changes and daily use. In most cases, a minor maintenance upgrade or minor repair will be enough to guard your investment. However, there are times when you need repair for your garage door. If you need emergency garage door repair in N Y, contact Garage Door Customs at 800-296-5253

Repairs in New York City

Garage Door Customs has extensive experience with garage door repairs in Orange County and nearby. We have a successful history with happy customers who are loyal and come back to us for their garage door maintenance and repairs.

Kinds of Garage Door Repairs

There are different kinds of garage door repairs. At Garage Door Customs, we truly do it all, but here are some of the most popular reasons our customers request our services.

  • The garage door is stuck and will not open or close
  • There’s a noise or shaking vibration happening.
  • Garage door opener is no longer working.
  • A cable has snapped and it needs to be replaced.
  • It’s time to renovate our garage door design.
  • The recent storm broke our garage door.
  • I tried fixing the garage myself, and now it’s worse.


Everyone has a different reason for contacting us, but we are happy to provide free quotes and information over the phone or online. We understand that it can be stressful when a garage door suddenly breaks or stops working properly. There are customers who have called us right before leaving for vacation or a business trip. Those are the worst timings, but we do our best to be available for emergency repairs and get things safely working again. Our goal is to find the problem and fix it quickly.

There are many reasons why a garage door opener is important, and With today’s digital technology, an upgrade is a convenience for the whole family. However, you should look into replacing an opener, if it has stopped working consistently. You don’t want to be unable to access your home or property due to a malfunctioning garage door opener. That requires emergency repair, which we provide, of course!

If you are undecided about where to get garage door repairscontact us. We’re happy to answer your questions before you make a commitment, and we look forward to helping you with your next garage door repairs. Our recommendation is to seek professional guidance when it comes to home improvement projects, even do-it-yourself projects. It helps to have some extra safety and security in your home or business.





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