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Installation – Garage Door Installation New York

How is installation different than Garage door repair?

 Garage door installation NY is different than repairs, because it involves replacing the entire door. This is ideal for garages that are over 20 years old, or it’s also ideal for garages after tree or weather damage. As a whole, most people seek repairs to avoid an entire installation, because installations are a bit more expensive overall. There are times when you need to install a new garage door, because it is severely damaged though, and that makes a new installation a safer option. The key is not to delay, because this keeps costs down for either choice. CALL: 800-296-5253

Installation – Garage Door Installation New York

Why is it important to have a licensed installation?

First of all, garage doors are really a safety and security item on any property. These regulations change over the years, and it’s important to have an expert with updated credentials on the job. This guarantees the job and also allows for customers to receive updated information about all of their options. As the best garage door company, we do installations from beginning to end without wasting time or money.

Installing a Garage Door

When you are installing a garage door, you need an experienced technician who works with releasing the tension, understands torsion, cables, and openers. This will make it possible to properly install panels and correctly install your new garage door, because you’ll have a professional at the job. In NY, garage installation is sometimes part of home improvement and curbside appeal projects. If someone is selling their property, a garage upgrade often is top of the list. So, if you are in the market for a new garage door installation NY, don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-296-5253 .

New Installation Options

If you’re not sure about the type of garage doors you would want to install, check out our garage doors page for help. We can also answer questions over the phone and in person. Many people like to look online for the latest designs, because that makes your investment worthwhile. Please, keep in mind that garages are no longer just a place to store cars. Many families use the garage doors as a main entry to their home, while others have spare office or recreational spaces in the garage. Businesses also optimize their property spaces by marketing and running operations through the garage. This is why Installations are so important.


We are proud to service you with all your garage door needs.  Custom Garage door Pro have been servicing the New York Tri-State area for over 5 years.

Custom Garage Doors Rockland County New York

Garage doors in Rockland, NY come in all kinds of styles, because there are many different materials and designs. Call Custom Garage Doors today for the best designs and brands. We have many years of...

Garage Door Installation New York

Garage door installation NY is different than repairs, because it involves replacing the entire door. This is ideal for garages that are over 20 years old, or it’s also ideal for garages after tree or weather damage. 

Garage Door Opener & Sensors

Openers are important, with a quality custom garage door you must have a quality garage door opener. They come in different types, and they range from simple remote control, keypad functions, or...

Garage Door Repairs

Garage door repairs are essential for anyone who owns a property of any type, residential or commercial. Over time, garage doors do wear out with seasonal weather changes and daily use. 

Happy Customers

"We had a great experience with Tom from Door Master. He was punctual courteous professional and reasonable too. He was at our home within an hour of our calling and did a great job replacing broken springs on our garage door.
We highly recommend Tom and his company. Im very satisfied with their service"



"We used door master to fix the door another firm installed. I got their name from our neighbors that also had a great experience. I will be using this company moving forward. Top service quality and pricing"






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